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Boiling Springs, NC aquamation services

After Aquamation Services

Make your loved one’s Boiling Springs, NC aquamation services unique and memorable by getting creative after the aquamation. Aquamation is quickly becoming one of the most popular disposition methods in the world, and one of the main reasons why is that aquamations offer lots of opportunities to get creative.


You have many options for post aquamation, from scattering, burial or columbarium entombment to more eclectic options. Take inspiration from this list of ideas to make your lost loved one’s memorialization personal and respectful:

  1. Jewelry – Keep your loved one close by placing ashes in aquamation or memorial jewelry. People have been placing memories of deceased loved ones in jewelry for centuries. However, modern technology makes it easy to order personalized pieces like lockets, pendants, rings and more filled with small portions of ashes. You can order pre-made pieces online or have a jewelry maker custom make a piece for you.
  2. Fireworks – Help your loved one go out with a bang with a fireworks display. Some pyrotechnics companies help you scatter your loved one’s ashes by placing them inside fireworks. These incorporated ashes scatter when the fireworks go off, making for a memorable end to a memorial service.
  3. Glass Art – Aquamation ashes can be transformed into glass with the help of professional glass blowers. These artists can take small portions of the deceased’s ashes and create glass art in a range of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can display the art at home on your mantel, or somewhere else special.
  4. Plant a Tree – Really go green with aquamation, and help your deceased loved one continue to give back long after he or she is gone. Buy a biodegradable urn that’s specially made to be buried without any harmful impact on the environment. Plant the Bio Urn with some ashes and seeds inside. The ashes will help nourish the seed until it grows into a beautiful tree people can enjoy for generations to come.
  5. Create A Diamond – While expensive, this memorial will really last forever. Special companies can extract carbon particles from the cremated ashes and grow a real diamond. You can personalize the color, shape or cut to make the diamond even more unique for the deceased.


Need more ideas? Think about the deceased, and what made them special. Use these unique qualities to inspire you for after the aquamation. After all, these are only a few of the many ways you can get creative after an aquamation.

Boiling Springs, NC aquamation services

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