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All About Funeral Home Etiquette

Are you up to date on all the accepted behaviors in common social situations? This includes knowing how to act in funeral homes in Boiling Springs, NC. It’s important that you are up to date on what religious, personal cultural steps you need to take to make sure you honor the deceased and the bereaved when at a funeral home. If you’re unsure or have any lingering doubts about common funeral home etiquette, this guide can offer some helpful insight.

What not to do in funeral homes:

  • Bring Overactive Children: Loud or disturbing children have no place in a funeral home. It’s all right to bring the kids if they are able to be quiet and respectful. If they can’t, or if there’s a chance they might act out, be sure to leave them with a sitter.
  • Avoid the Bereaved: Always be sure to approach the bereaved, even if it’s after the receiving line. A quick hug or saying hello can make them feel loved, supported and less alone.
  • Hang Around too Long: Don’t feel like you have to stick around the funeral home for too long. Sometimes a quick condolence is enough.

What to do in funeral homes:

  • Ask About Dress Code: Black is a traditional choice for funerals, but sometimes the event or the family calls for a different look. If you’re unable to discover the family’s wishes, avoid bright colors and stick to timeless and conservative outfits.
  • Ask About Gifts: There is a tradition to bring something for the deceased or the family. Flowers or food are very traditional, but sometimes the family requests charitable donations in lieu of more common gifts. Don’t forget to include a note or a signature so the knows who the gift is from.
  • Sign the Guest Book: The guest book may seem silly, but it can be an important way for the family to look back and enjoy who came to honor their lost loved one.
  • Turn off Your Phone: Turn your phone to silent, and never check your messages during the funeral service.
  • Offer Your Sympathies: It’s almost always appropriate to offer sympathy to the deceased’s friends and family. Oftentimes a simple “I’m sorry for your loss” is all you need. Feel free to offer your own personalized condolences as long as they are respectful and come from the heart.funeral homes in Boiling Springs, NC
  • Express Your Emotions: Its ok to express how you’re feeling at a funeral home. Everyone has emotions, and it’s not embarrassing or bad to express them.
  • Reach Out Afterwards: Don’t be afraid to reach out to the family after the funeral. Even a simple text or phone call can make them feel less alone and more supported.

If you would like more information on etiquette, or about Boiling Springs, NC funeral homes, just contact Clay-Barnette Funeral Home. We have years of expertise we would love to put at your disposal. Please visit us or give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you in your time of loss.