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Inspiration for Customizing Memorial Services

Studies show that the more personalized and memorable a memorial service is the more it helps not only honor the deceased but also offer some relief for the bereaved during their time of loss. There are lots of ways you can customize a memorial service to honor and remember the deceased after an aquamation service in Shelby, NC. Use this list of ideas to help inspire you to make a custom memorial after an aquamation:

  1. Share Photos and Videos – Many bereaved families make photo collages or montage videos for a memorial service. These items are treasured by the family, but other bereaved like friends and coworkers would appreciate access to them as well. Consider uploading any montages or videos online to share with other people. You can use GoogleDrive, DropBox, or Youtube. Make the files accessible with only a certain link and print the link on the service program so guests can access it if they choose.
  2. Set Up a Memory Table or Stations – A memory table is an easy way to help make a memorial service custom and personalized. It’s a simple and free way to show items that either meant a lot to the deceased, show their personality, or represent the deceased to other people. You can put almost anything on a memory table such as photos, sunglasses, ticket stubs from special events, letters, favorite vases or flowers, beloved clothing, or anything else that was special to or about the deceased. You can also make several memory stations as opposed to just one table. There can be themed tables with each one showing a part of the deceased’s life, such as wedding memories, school items, and children and grandchildren.
  3. Put Out Special Food – Food is a serious comfort for a lot of people. Take inspiration from the deceased’s favorite foods and put out a special spread for guests at the service.Aquamation services happen in Shelby, NC
  4. Add Decorations – It might seem like bad form to decorate a memorial service after an aquamation, but decorations can actually make the service more special and unique. You can add decorations in any form you want, from lamps and rugs to artwork, flowers, and everything in between. Bring decorations that somehow represent or honor the deceased. For example, if she loved to stitch, you could hang some of her work. Or if he loved a certain artist, you could display copies of famous artwork.

These ideas are just a few of the many ways that you can make a memorial after an aquamation service unique and meaningful to help ease the pain of loss and honor the deceased. If you need more ideas, look to the deceased for inspiration from his or her life.

Clay-Barnette Funeral Home is here to help if you want to learn more about Shelby, NC aquamation services. We offer expert aquamation services designed to help you in your time of loss, so please give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you.