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Pre-Need Vs. At-Need Aquamation Services

Both “at-need” and “pre-need” describe when services are offered. At-need funeral or aquamation services in Boiling Springs, NC are offered to families “at the time of need.” In other words, at-need services are for after a death has already occurred. Pre-need funeral or aquamation services are offered to individuals who are planning ahead or are making funeral or aquamation planning decisions prior to their passing. Let’s take a closer look at both kinds of aquamation services help you learn about your planning choices for after your passing.

Pre-need services are selected by an individual before their time of death. Sometimes people choose to preplan far in advance when they are making plans for their will or estate, but in other cases people can preplan closer to their time of death. On the other hand, at-need funeral services are used in two situations: in the event of a sudden, unexpected death or when a family or individual has decided to wait until the time of death to make funeral plans. In both situations the deceased and the bereaved have not made plans in advance of the death. At-need services are also not selected by the deceased, but instead by the surviving next of kin or family members of the deceased.

While both at-needs and pre-needs aquamation services can have benefits and negatives, and sometimes at-needs services are unavoidable if the death was unexpected, many argue that pre-needs services are much better. There are many reasons why pre-need planning is good, including that they help you uphold your self reliance. Taking charge of your funeral or memorial service allows you to maintain control and independence when you might otherwise lose them. This is good for your mental health at the end of your life and gives you more self-reliance.

Pre-need planning also helps lessen the load and aid in the grieving process. They also help lessen your family’s load. Let your family know exactly what you want for your aquamation so they don’t have to guess what to do after you’re gone, or spend time making painful decisions when they should be grieving with loved ones. Funeral and memorial services are an important part of the grieving process, but your loved ones might miss out on the important benefits if they are too busy planning the event. Preplan so they don’t have to.

aquamation services in Boiling Springs, NC

Finally, they help you take charge of what happens after your passing. Make sure you get the exact funeral or aquamation you want by taking care of the details and clearly laying them out for your friends and family. This way they won’t be able to argue or disagree. You can also plan for how to cover the funeral or aquamation costs in advance to make it easier for your family’s bank accounts and stress levels. Look into aquamation insurance or funeral trusts to help ensure financial ease.

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