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aquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC

Understanding Alkaline Hydrolysis – The Science of Human Aquamation

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental impact of traditional burial and cremation practices. As a result, many people are seeking eco-friendly alternatives for their final disposition. One such option gaining popularity is alkaline hydrolysis, also known as aquamation. This environmentally friendly method is not only a greener alternative to traditional cremation but also offers several additional benefits. We will explore every aquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC and discuss the reasons why they embrace eco-friendly farewell cremations. Is it an ideal choice for those who value environmental sustainability?

The Science Behind Alkaline Hydrolysis

Alkaline hydrolysis is a process that breaks down human remains using water and an alkaline solution. The procedure involves placing the body in a stainless steel vessel filled with water and potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. The solution is heated to a temperature for several hours, which accelerates the natural decomposition process.

During this process, the body’s organic material is broken down into its chemical components, leaving behind a sterile liquid and bone fragments. The liquid is a harmless solution containing salts, amino acids, and sugars, which can be safely returned to the environment. The remaining bone fragments are then dried and processed into a fine white powder, similar to ashes obtained from traditional cremation, which can be returned to the family for scattering or interment.

Environmental Benefits of Alkaline Hydrolysis

Alkaline hydrolysis offers several environmental advantages over traditional cremation and burial methods:

Reduced carbon footprint: Aquamation uses significantly less energy than traditional cremation, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. It produces no direct greenhouse gas emissions, making it a more sustainable option for those concerned about climate change.

No air pollution: Unlike traditional cremation, which releases toxic chemicals such as mercury and dioxins into the air, alkaline hydrolysis does not produce harmful emissions. This helps to protect air quality and contributes to a cleaner environment.

Land conservation: As alkaline hydrolysis does not require the use of caskets or burial plots, it helps to conserve land resources. This is particularly important in urban areas where available land for burial is limited.

Nutrient recycling: The sterile liquid produced during the process can be used to fertilize plants and trees, helping to recycle valuable nutrients back into the earth.

No contamination of groundwater: Traditional burial practices can lead to the contamination of groundwater by embalming chemicals and decomposing organic matter. In contrast, alkaline hydrolysis does not pose any risk to groundwater quality.aquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC

Making an Informed Choice

When planning for end-of-life arrangements, it is essential to consider the environmental implications of various options. Aquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC embrace eco-friendly farewell cremations, which demonstrates a commitment to preserving the planet for future generations. By understanding the science behind human aquamation and its numerous environmental benefits, we can make informed decisions that align with our values and minimize the environmental impact of our final disposition.

In conclusion, alkaline hydrolysis is a compelling alternative to traditional cremation and burial methods. Its environmental benefits, combined with the respectful and dignified nature of the process, make it an ideal choice for those seeking a more sustainable and eco-friendly farewell. As we all know that Clay-Barnette Funeral Home embraces this innovative technology, as we honor your loved ones while also caring for the environment and contributing to a more sustainable future. Call us now at (704) 739-2529 for more environmental advice about cremation.

aquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC

The Truth About Organ Donation

Every day, at least twenty people in the United States alone die due to a lack of organ donations. Tissue and organ donation has wide-reaching benefits, as those who need skin, bones, ligaments, tendons, heart valves, and more often have no other options. Organ, tissue, and body donation is a personal choice. No one can decide for you, and no choice is wrong.

While organ donation is a great choice for before aquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC, it’s not necessarily right for everyone.

Should you donate your organs or not?

Here are some common reasons not to donate to help guide your choice, like religion. Many religions forbid organ donation, oftentimes because they believe the body needs to be whole in order to reunite with the soul in the afterlife. The most common religions that discourage organ donation include Native Americans, Shintoists, Confucians, Roma Gypsies, and some Orthodox Jews. There are also personal beliefs. Some feel that organ donation doesn’t save lives, but instead that it only puts off the inevitable. Organ donation is your choice, so this belief is well within your right. Certain diseases or conditions including HIV, heart or kidney disease, cancer, and diabetes make organ donation unsafe for the donor and the recipient, and other people choose not to donate because of distrust. Many people don’t want to donate their organs because they’re worried that medical professionals won’t work as hard to save their life so the doctors can harvest their organs.

They don’t trust that doctors or hospitals will look out for their best interests. Also, others don’t want to donate because they don’t have any control over the recipient. In most cases, organ donors have no control over who will receive their organs or tissues. Instead, organs go to the next person on the list, no matter the donor’s preferences. Whether any or all of these reasons apply to you, or you’re not comfortable donating for another reason, you don’t have to do it. Simply make sure your family and loved ones are aware of and understand your feelings.

But there are many reasons to donate your organs, including:

  • Find Meaning – Death is scary, but choosing to donate your organs will ensure there’saquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC meaning in your death.
  • Move the List – The organ donation list has over 107,000 people! By donating, you are moving the list so those people can get the help they need and so there’s more room on the list for new people that need help.
  • Save Lives – It’s a fact that organ donation saves lives. Depending on your donation preferences, your organs can save up to eight different people if you choose to donate your heart, intestines, pancreas, liver, two lungs, and two kidneys. If you choose to donate tissue, eyes, and other parts, your donation can improve and save the lives of even more people.
  • Advanced Science – Whole body donation to research is how most medical and scientific advancements are made. Your body can be used to study and treat diseases, develop new medical procedures, and educate future generations of healthcare providers.

Want to learn more? We are here to help if you want to learn more about body donation or Kings Mountain, NC aquamation services.

aquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC

Planning Green Memorials After Aquamation Services

Eco-friendly memorials and funerals have been on the rise, whether they’re at churches, halls or after aquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC. Everyone wants to do their part when it comes to the environment, and this includes hosting an eco-friendly funeral or memorial service for a lost loved one.

These tips and tricks can offer guidance and inspiration if you want to plan an eco-friendly service for your lost loved one.

Like lighting. If you’re having the service at night or in a dark venue, it can go through tons of energy. Try and use more eco-friendly LED lights to use less energy or invest in candles that you can re-sell or hold onto as keepsakes after the event. You can also host a daytime funeral or memorial and skip the lights altogether. Don’t forget to shop seasonally? If the wake or memorial service will have food, make seasonal produce a priority when planning the menu. Seasonal produce is dramatically less harmful to the environment than out-of-season food and is also easier to get fresh and in bulk. This is because seasonal produce uses fewer preservatives and fertilizers and doesn’t require lots of refrigeration or greenhouse heating. Plus, in-season fruits and veggies are almost always more delicious and flavorful than other options.

You also need to recycle and repurpose. Try using repurposed or recycled items for any decoration you may want for the service or wake. You can easily put together beautiful and meaningful decorations while being considerate of the materials and their sources. Try using clean materials like jute and cotton or make flower arrangements from fabrics to cut back on flower use. You can also choose to use recycled or organic fabrics instead of synthetic ones. Also, shop local. There are a lot of emissions involved when it comes to transporting goods long distances. If you choose local supplies and vendors for the funeral or memorial, you can greatly reduce the event’s carbon footprint. Not to mention that supporting local vendors is great for the local economy and can also save you some money.

What about being mindful of paper? Funerals and memorials use a lot of paper. Fromaquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC invitations to programs, menus, and even fans, a lot of this paper goes into the garbage after the service of over. Make sure the paper products you use are recycled after the event or save on paper items by choosing creative substitutes. Do a chalkboard sign as opposed to programs or send out invitations via email as opposed to postcards. Also, be aware of what you’re burying with the deceased so you’re not releasing harmful or non-biodegradable materials into the environment. Finally, think about the guest list. The more guests you have, the bigger the funeral’s carbon footprint will be. If being eco-friendly is important to you, try and cut down the guest list to a smaller number. Plus, the smaller the guest list the more intimate and respectful the deceased will be.

We are here to help if you want to learn more about eco-friendly memorial services or Kings Mountain, NC aquamation services. Stop by and visit us or give us a call today.

aquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC

Aquamation Services and Medicaid

Did you know that if you’re covered by Medicaid you can set aside money for aquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC? The first step to using Medicaid to pay for funeral and aquamation expenses is to establish a trust. The trust should establish your chosen funeral home or aquamation provider as a beneficiary to make sure that they receive the money upon your death. The best kind of trust you set up is an Irrevocable Trust, as this form protects the money you set aside just in case you need Medicaid to help cover any long-term care costs. Be wary of Revocable Trusts, as the Medicaid set seizes money from Revocable Trusts if you have already depleted your other assets and you need help paying for medical or long-term care costs.

You also need to make sure that you establish your trust enough in advance as, in many states, Medicaid trusts need to have been in place for at least five years for the funds to be accessible. Your chosen funeral home or aquamation provider with most likely have established protocols that they prefer you use when you create a trust to pay for future funeral and aquamation expenses. Be sure to talk to your funeral home and your estate attorney to get a recommendation on the type of trust you should set up to pay for aquamation service arrangements.

There are other ways to prepay for funeral or aquamation expenses beyond Medicaid and trusts, like funeral insurance. You can purchase an insurance policy that lists the funeral home or aquamation provider as the beneficiary so when you die, the funeral home with getting the money from the insurance company to put towards your funeral. Again, your local funeral home will most likely have a preferred insurance provider. Some might even be able to sell you the insurance directly. Keep in mind, though, that most life insurance policies do not cover funeral or aquamation expenses.

The best way to make sure you use Medicaid to pay for funeral and aquamation services properly and protect your money is to work with an estate attorney. Trust and estate attorneys know the ins and outs of Medicaid, insurance, and trusts and can best advise you on how to proceed in your specific circumstances. Another reason to hire an attorney is that Medicaid and aquamation expenses rules vary from state to state. You need an expert that is familiar with your state’s rules to best advise you. You can also get in touch with your state’s Medicaid department, local Medicaid office, or an attorney in your area for more information.

aquamation services in Kings Mountain, NC

We are here to help if you want to learn more about Medicaid, aquamation services, and preplanning. We offer a range of Kings Mountain, NC aquamation services with the experience and compassion necessary to help you in your time of loss or of preplanning. Get in touch with us today for more information on what we can do for you.